Current Lineup

Please note: this site is currently under reconstruction after several years of inactivity.  We will be working on updating everything this year, but please bear with us until this is complete.  Until then, please join us on our Facebook page.


Anime Club Lineup 2016-2017 – Fall Semester

Approximate Time

  Show (# of episodes)
8:00-8:25  TBA
8:25-8:50  TBA
8:50-9:15  TBA
9:15-9:40  TBA
9:40-9:50  BREAK
9:50-10:15  TBA
10:15-10:40  TBA
10:40-11:05  TBA

As of April 21st, we have finished up the lineup for the 2015-2016 year.  There will not be any more official meetings for the Spring semester or over the summer, but we will resume meeting in the Fall with a new lineup (TBA).

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