The Story Section in the Spirit Tracks Game Manual

23 12 2009

I bought the game on Saturday, but only got around to tearing off the shrink-wrap a few minutes ago. Well, I’ve always been the kind of gamer to read the manual before starting the game and I know of some siblings who would scoff at such behavior. So I read the background to the game and I began to rub my chin the more I continued.

In a peaceful village in the countryside lives a young boy named Link. He is an apprentice about to become an official train engineer. 

I’m assuming this Link is the same Link from Windwaker and the Phantom Hourglass because of the cell-shaded gameplay and the nauseating large bodies of water.  That said, this kid is about ten or eleven years old… yet he’s about to be licensed as an “official train engineer”. Is that a better-sounding job title to give yourself  instead of “train conductor” when the census man comes knocking? Either the Link in this universe is a boy genius or his universe has a high mortality rate for train engineers. I highly doubt the former. If he were a genius, why would he become a train engineer? Hell, I would’ve constructed a cheap biplane, then a time machine, and then used it to go back in time to save myself a shitload of time by avoiding the damn whirlpools. You remember those damn whirlpools? Damn those whirlpools. >:-(

Link in ST

Link living his childhood dream of operating a choo-choo train.

On the day of his graduation, he goes to the castle to receive his certificate from the kingdom’s ruler, Princess Zelda.

Goddang! This chick’s only ten and she’s already ruling an entire kingdom? When I was her age, I was getting pissed off at discovering yet another Rattata hidden within my booster pack. Damn that Rattata. >:-(

In a secret meeting after the ceremony, Zelda tells him of the sudden disappearance of the Spirit Tracks that line the kingdom, as well as other strange occurences. To get to the bottom of the mystery, she asks Link to take her to the Tower of Spirits.     

I dunno ’bout that Zelda. I’d rather have security goons with me than that shrimp I can throw across the room with an arm tied around my back. Sure, the kid has saved seaworld twice already, but he must’ve done a crappy job is he isn’t being showered with titles and munny. Perhaps that’s the reason why he ended up apprenticed to a train engineer.    

On their way to the tower, they run into Chancellor Cole.

“Chancellor”? My bad-guy senses are tingling.

Using dark magic, Cole separates Zelda’s body from her spirit and steals her body.

Princess Zelda gets kidnapped? No surpise there.

In spirit form now, Zelda, along with Link, eventually makes it to the tower. Upon arriving, they meet the wise Lokomo Anjean, who tells them that if all the Spirit Tracks disappear, the imprisoned Demon King will be freed.

So the Chancellor is this game’s Vaati and Zant?

Now Zelda and Link must embark on a journey to retrieve Zelda’s body and save the kingdom from ruin.

Yep. I’m gonna go play the game now.




2 responses

24 12 2009

Cool. This got added to the blog too. I wish they had Zelda for Xbox360.

24 12 2009

Never aryeztur! Never! Not as long as Nintendo continues to manufacture systems and games.

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