Scrappy-Doo, People Actually Like Him?

11 01 2010

PETA says it's okay to punt it.

No seriously. How can people like him? Holy shit, I never realized how annoying I found  him until some guy at RT asked on the movie message boards to post “your most hated cartoon character”. My first thought was Haruhi Suzumiya and well, whaddya know, she was mentioned by three or four separate people. Asuka made an appearance too.  

But then someone posted a pic of Scrappy and almost instantaneously, my feelings towards this mutt resurfaced. This dislike goes way back to my first exposure to him in Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf.   

Ugh, Scrappy is annoying on so many levels, how can he possibly be related to Scooby-Doo? His head is as large as the rest of his body… but how can I complain about them frightening body proportions when you can fit two Rhode Islands within the head of any Powerpuff girl? The damn thing actually has its own trope on According to the site, every show has a “Scrappy”, a character that polarizes the fan base almost in half by how much they either love or hate that particular character. A famous “Scrappy” you are all likely familiar with is Tingle. ‘ya know, that… dude with the green tights and balloons from the Zelda universe. If that guy showed up dressed like that at ANY place within the United States, Chris Hansen would be on him faster than … well, fast. 

Y’all know about the Tingle game that never made it stateside, right? Well, it released in Japan and Europe because there was a market for it there. Here, not so much. In general, it’s been found that Americans have a dislike for the man in the green spandex. 

 Anyway, back to Scrappy. 

I caught a bit of the 2002 Scooby-Doo live-action movie  (SPOILER ALERT!) on some cable channel over the break and I was a little shocked to see that Scrappy was the villain. Now, I had already seen the movie several times beforehand… I guess my brain sort of destroyed the images that had any hint of CGI Scrappy in it. Though, I’m kinda glad that despite it being a PG movie, the writers hinted at Scooby and Shaggy’s long suspected extracurricular activity in giving the latter a love interest by the name of Mary Jane. 

 Scrappy sucks.




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