Things I am Looking Forward to at Katsucon 2010

5 02 2010
Jake Sully in Avatar

Don't look so surprised.

 #1 Avatar Cosplayers 

Seeing this phenomena alone is worth the $50 at-the-door ticket price for the three day pass. Now, if I remember correctly, there are rules set in place by the Katsucon organizers to prevent faboys and girls alike from dressing up as Omaticayan Jake, Neytiri, Tsu’Tey, ect.

Ya know. They’d be showing waaay to much skin and given that it’ll be hot in the Gaylord hotel from all the body heat and stuff, that blue paint is bound to be sweat away or wind up on someone else’s clothes when passing by the 100th person.   

But all is not lost! There’s a chance we may see Wheel Chair Jake or Na’vi Jake or Ikran Neytiri or Na’vi Grace or Na’vi Norm. Among others, of course.

According to the Weather Channel 10-Day forecast, it’s supposed to be sunny next weekend, although the temperature will be in the upper 30s. Last year, Watchmen was a month away from hitting the theaters, yet there must’ve been about ten Rorschachs walking around in their trenchcoats.

Work in progress




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