Anime Club Lineup 2010-2011

24 06 2010

Check the new post for next year’s lineup!

*Note: Meeting Times/Places <–this will be  updated occasionally, so check every once in a while, though our meetings are usually very regular ***Meeting locations up until the end of the spring semester***

**Also! If anyone would like any of the series we’re watching at any time (or a particular episode that you’ve missed), just let me know and I can pass it to you

Anime Club Lineup 2010-2011:

Axis Powers Hetalia (5 minute episodes|52)

Angel Beats (13)

Sora no Woto (12+2 extra)

Durarara!! (24)

B Gata H Kei (12)

High School of the Dead (12)

Berserk (25)


Samurai Champloo (26)

Senkou no Night Raid (13)

Eden of the East (11)

Nodame Cantabile [Season 1] (23)

Please direct any complaints suggestions to

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that any complaints suggestions will be followed, but I’m sure they’ll be taken into account…maybe… =D



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2 07 2010
Meetings « GW Anime Society's Official Website

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9 08 2010

Way to pick series that are all but impossible to find! I assume someone’s got them on DVD or DL’ed them already, since aside from Angel Beats, Durarara, and Hetalia, I don’t have any of these, although I expect B Gata H Kei, Berserk, Eden of the East, and Samurai Champloo won’t be too hard to find.

9 08 2010

In answer to your question, we have them all already (the series). Melissa has kindly volunteered to download them all and show them on her laptop. She’ll be our showmaster this year.

13 08 2010

Approximate times for each show and the breaks:


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