It’s been 30 Days Since the Release of Toy Story 3…

13 07 2010

… So I ask those that have yet to see it, why have you not seen it? Why? There’s no excuse, ‘coz you’ve had 30 days to watch the conclusion to one of the best film trilogies ever. By the end of the first weekend when Toy Story 3 had garnered  $110.3 million, I had already shelled out $25.25 to watch it twice. This bit of info should tell you a few things: that the movie is that good, and secondly,that I saw it in both 2D and 3D formats. I suggest watching it in 2D, as you won’t be missing much and it’s cheaper. 

Anyhoo, I’ve compiled a list of events that have happened since June 18, to give you (the people who for some reason, have yet to see Toy Story 3) an idea of how long 30 days really is. 

  • Lakers beat the Boston Celtics in game 7 to gain 16th NBA Championship (:-D)
  • Lakers’ 2010 NBA Finals victory parade in Los Angeles (:-D)
  • That really looong Wimbledon match between Isner and Mahut.
  • Donovan’s goal against Algeria that advances the USA into the round of 16 in the World Cup. ‘ya know, the one that made ESPN  splooge until the Ghana match.
  • On the same note: La Furia Roja wins the World Cup.   
  • West Virgina Senator Robert C. Byrd dies.
  • Flaming liberal Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings begin.  
  • Stanley “Loose Lips” McChrystal loses job and kisses Afghanistan goodbye.

    Has Not Seen Toy Story 3

  • Supreme Court says it’s a-okay to have a gun in church. The next day, some NRA guy on NPR says it’s a God-given right to bear arms. I missed that part of the Bible.
  • Serena Williams and Rafel Nadal win Wimbledon titles. Surprise?
  • USA and Russia exchange spies. No word on who gets Angelina Jolie.
  • Arizona receives DoJ lawsuit concerning Immigration law. Speedy Gonzalez remains at-large.
  • Unemployment falls to 9.5%.      


As of this writing, the fiendish fiend known as Melissa Elena Delgado has STILL yet to see this film. Now, for additional content on the happenings since July 13: 

  • Goldman Sachs gets a $550 million dollar slap on the wrist.
  • BP caps oil well nearly three months after breakout. Oil drifting far from the Gulf of Mexico has been seen escaping through a wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle and showing up in Tokyo Disney. 
  • Wikileaks, an international organization based in the land of ABBA and IKEA, leaks documents about the War in Afghanistan to the public domain.
  • Flaming liberal Elena Kagan confirmed as 112th Supreme Court justice. Plans immediately begin to form an all-girl SCOTUS band.
  • Chelsea Clinton marries.
  • Federal judge blocks key parts of Arizona immigration bill. “Sour cream on tacos is cool” clause taken out.

    Neither Has This Guy

  • Obama and daughter watch WNBA game. All DC teams are off-season. Nationals suck ass (14.5 GB).
  • Prop 8 overturned.    



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7 08 2010
Bookworm GeekGeek

I’m sure there are plenty of other things to keep people occupied other than TS3 =) ?

7 08 2010


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