1 09 2011

Soon there’s going to be an update on the music that plays automatically to reflect the new school year, so I’m putting the list of last year’s music in this post


  • “My Soul, Your Beats” (Angel Beats! OP 01)
  • “Hatsukoi Parachute” (Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka OP 01)
  • “Butter-fly” by Wada Koji
  • “Tell me why” (Berserk OP)
  • “Hikari no Senritsu” (So-Ra-No-Wo-To OP)
  • “Kimi ga Tame” (Utawarerumono ED 02)
  • “Again” by Yui (FMA Brotherhood OP 01)
  • “Katayoku no Tori” (Umineko OP)
  • “Tabi no Tochuu” (Spice & Wolf OP)
  • “Obokuri-Ee Umi” (Samurai Champloo)
  • “God Knows…” (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)
  • “Mezamero! Yasei” by Matchy w/ Question? (Naruto Shippuden ED 04)
  • “Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~” by Tegomasu (Lovely Complex OP)
  • “Breakthrough” by Coming Century (Eyeshield 21 OP 01)
  • “Sayaendou” by NEWS (One Piece movie 7)
  • “Change the World” by V6 (Inuyasha ED?)
  • “Maru Kaite Chikyuu” (Hetalia: Axis Powers)
  • “Maru Kaite Chikyuu – Japan Version” (Hetalia: Axis Powers)
  • “Red Fraction” (Black Lagoon OP)
  • “Fuhen” (Samurai 7 ED)
  • “Forces” (Berserk BGM)



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