It’s been 30 Days Since the Release of Toy Story 3…

13 07 2010

… So I ask those that have yet to see it, why have you not seen it? Why? There’s no excuse, ‘coz you’ve had 30 days to watch the conclusion to one of the best film trilogies ever. By the end of the first weekend when Toy Story 3 had garnered  $110.3 million, I had already shelled out $25.25 to watch it twice. This bit of info should tell you a few things: that the movie is that good, and secondly,that I saw it in both 2D and 3D formats. I suggest watching it in 2D, as you won’t be missing much and it’s cheaper. 

Anyhoo, I’ve compiled a list of events that have happened since June 18, to give you (the people who for some reason, have yet to see Toy Story 3) an idea of how long 30 days really is. 

  • Lakers beat the Boston Celtics in game 7 to gain 16th NBA Championship (:-D)
  • Lakers’ 2010 NBA Finals victory parade in Los Angeles (:-D)
  • That really looong Wimbledon match between Isner and Mahut.
  • Donovan’s goal against Algeria that advances the USA into the round of 16 in the World Cup. ‘ya know, the one that made ESPN  splooge until the Ghana match.
  • On the same note: La Furia Roja wins the World Cup.   
  • West Virgina Senator Robert C. Byrd dies.
  • Flaming liberal Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings begin.  
  • Stanley “Loose Lips” McChrystal loses job and kisses Afghanistan goodbye.

    Has Not Seen Toy Story 3

  • Supreme Court says it’s a-okay to have a gun in church. The next day, some NRA guy on NPR says it’s a God-given right to bear arms. I missed that part of the Bible.
  • Serena Williams and Rafel Nadal win Wimbledon titles. Surprise?
  • USA and Russia exchange spies. No word on who gets Angelina Jolie.
  • Arizona receives DoJ lawsuit concerning Immigration law. Speedy Gonzalez remains at-large.
  • Unemployment falls to 9.5%.      


As of this writing, the fiendish fiend known as Melissa Elena Delgado has STILL yet to see this film. Now, for additional content on the happenings since July 13: 

  • Goldman Sachs gets a $550 million dollar slap on the wrist.
  • BP caps oil well nearly three months after breakout. Oil drifting far from the Gulf of Mexico has been seen escaping through a wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle and showing up in Tokyo Disney. 
  • Wikileaks, an international organization based in the land of ABBA and IKEA, leaks documents about the War in Afghanistan to the public domain.
  • Flaming liberal Elena Kagan confirmed as 112th Supreme Court justice. Plans immediately begin to form an all-girl SCOTUS band.
  • Chelsea Clinton marries.
  • Federal judge blocks key parts of Arizona immigration bill. “Sour cream on tacos is cool” clause taken out.

    Neither Has This Guy

  • Obama and daughter watch WNBA game. All DC teams are off-season. Nationals suck ass (14.5 GB).
  • Prop 8 overturned.    

Manga is a Bliss With Cosplay

17 04 2010

Satoshi Kon, you failed me.

I was looking through one of my old composition books started during my sophomore year in high school. It’s sung to the tune of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Picture yourself in an anime forum/ With nothing to do and no mods around/ Someone PM’s you, you answer much later/ A noob with a tie and doe eyes.

Rotten Tomatoes of yellow and green/ Growing all over the place/ Look for the click at the bottom right page/ And he’s gone.


Manga is a bliss with cosplay/ Manga is a bliss with cosplay/ Manga is a bliss with cosplay/ Ah…Ah…

Powerful people, but friendly for certain/ Where fanboys a-ranting watch One Piece and cry./ Everyone argues which dubbing was better/ Post-counts grow substantially high./

Sensitive snitches appear on the board/ Ready to give you away./ Threaten them once for a second or two/ And they’re gone.


Picture yourself a newbie with shit grammar/ Who slowly continues to type as if blind./ Suddenly someone has left in a hurry/ The noob with a tie and doe eyes.


Things I am Looking Forward to at Katsucon 2010

5 02 2010
Jake Sully in Avatar

Don't look so surprised.

 #1 Avatar Cosplayers 

Seeing this phenomena alone is worth the $50 at-the-door ticket price for the three day pass. Now, if I remember correctly, there are rules set in place by the Katsucon organizers to prevent faboys and girls alike from dressing up as Omaticayan Jake, Neytiri, Tsu’Tey, ect.

Ya know. They’d be showing waaay to much skin and given that it’ll be hot in the Gaylord hotel from all the body heat and stuff, that blue paint is bound to be sweat away or wind up on someone else’s clothes when passing by the 100th person.   

But all is not lost! There’s a chance we may see Wheel Chair Jake or Na’vi Jake or Ikran Neytiri or Na’vi Grace or Na’vi Norm. Among others, of course.

According to the Weather Channel 10-Day forecast, it’s supposed to be sunny next weekend, although the temperature will be in the upper 30s. Last year, Watchmen was a month away from hitting the theaters, yet there must’ve been about ten Rorschachs walking around in their trenchcoats.

Work in progress

Scrappy-Doo, People Actually Like Him?

11 01 2010

PETA says it's okay to punt it.

No seriously. How can people like him? Holy shit, I never realized how annoying I found  him until some guy at RT asked on the movie message boards to post “your most hated cartoon character”. My first thought was Haruhi Suzumiya and well, whaddya know, she was mentioned by three or four separate people. Asuka made an appearance too.  

But then someone posted a pic of Scrappy and almost instantaneously, my feelings towards this mutt resurfaced. This dislike goes way back to my first exposure to him in Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf.   

Ugh, Scrappy is annoying on so many levels, how can he possibly be related to Scooby-Doo? His head is as large as the rest of his body… but how can I complain about them frightening body proportions when you can fit two Rhode Islands within the head of any Powerpuff girl? The damn thing actually has its own trope on According to the site, every show has a “Scrappy”, a character that polarizes the fan base almost in half by how much they either love or hate that particular character. A famous “Scrappy” you are all likely familiar with is Tingle. ‘ya know, that… dude with the green tights and balloons from the Zelda universe. If that guy showed up dressed like that at ANY place within the United States, Chris Hansen would be on him faster than … well, fast. 

Y’all know about the Tingle game that never made it stateside, right? Well, it released in Japan and Europe because there was a market for it there. Here, not so much. In general, it’s been found that Americans have a dislike for the man in the green spandex. 

 Anyway, back to Scrappy. 

I caught a bit of the 2002 Scooby-Doo live-action movie  (SPOILER ALERT!) on some cable channel over the break and I was a little shocked to see that Scrappy was the villain. Now, I had already seen the movie several times beforehand… I guess my brain sort of destroyed the images that had any hint of CGI Scrappy in it. Though, I’m kinda glad that despite it being a PG movie, the writers hinted at Scooby and Shaggy’s long suspected extracurricular activity in giving the latter a love interest by the name of Mary Jane. 

 Scrappy sucks.

The Story Section in the Spirit Tracks Game Manual

23 12 2009

I bought the game on Saturday, but only got around to tearing off the shrink-wrap a few minutes ago. Well, I’ve always been the kind of gamer to read the manual before starting the game and I know of some siblings who would scoff at such behavior. So I read the background to the game and I began to rub my chin the more I continued.

In a peaceful village in the countryside lives a young boy named Link. He is an apprentice about to become an official train engineer. 

I’m assuming this Link is the same Link from Windwaker and the Phantom Hourglass because of the cell-shaded gameplay and the nauseating large bodies of water.  That said, this kid is about ten or eleven years old… yet he’s about to be licensed as an “official train engineer”. Is that a better-sounding job title to give yourself  instead of “train conductor” when the census man comes knocking? Either the Link in this universe is a boy genius or his universe has a high mortality rate for train engineers. I highly doubt the former. If he were a genius, why would he become a train engineer? Hell, I would’ve constructed a cheap biplane, then a time machine, and then used it to go back in time to save myself a shitload of time by avoiding the damn whirlpools. You remember those damn whirlpools? Damn those whirlpools. >:-(

Link in ST

Link living his childhood dream of operating a choo-choo train.

On the day of his graduation, he goes to the castle to receive his certificate from the kingdom’s ruler, Princess Zelda.

Goddang! This chick’s only ten and she’s already ruling an entire kingdom? When I was her age, I was getting pissed off at discovering yet another Rattata hidden within my booster pack. Damn that Rattata. >:-(

In a secret meeting after the ceremony, Zelda tells him of the sudden disappearance of the Spirit Tracks that line the kingdom, as well as other strange occurences. To get to the bottom of the mystery, she asks Link to take her to the Tower of Spirits.     

I dunno ’bout that Zelda. I’d rather have security goons with me than that shrimp I can throw across the room with an arm tied around my back. Sure, the kid has saved seaworld twice already, but he must’ve done a crappy job is he isn’t being showered with titles and munny. Perhaps that’s the reason why he ended up apprenticed to a train engineer.    

On their way to the tower, they run into Chancellor Cole.

“Chancellor”? My bad-guy senses are tingling.

Using dark magic, Cole separates Zelda’s body from her spirit and steals her body.

Princess Zelda gets kidnapped? No surpise there.

In spirit form now, Zelda, along with Link, eventually makes it to the tower. Upon arriving, they meet the wise Lokomo Anjean, who tells them that if all the Spirit Tracks disappear, the imprisoned Demon King will be freed.

So the Chancellor is this game’s Vaati and Zant?

Now Zelda and Link must embark on a journey to retrieve Zelda’s body and save the kingdom from ruin.

Yep. I’m gonna go play the game now.

Why I want Hiyori Sarugaki from Bleach to Die Version 2.0

7 12 2009

Like I’ve said before, I have absolutely nothing against Hiyori. The only reason I want her to die is because for the first time in this damn manga, THERE’S A SURE CHANCE SOME ONE WILL REALLY DIE! LIKE, FER REALZ! Some of you may point out that Hisana, Kaien and Ichigo’s mom are dead, but I’m gonna get on my high pedestal and say that because those three were dead before Bleach even started, they don’t count.

When I came upon the chapter when Hiyori was cut by Aizen in friggin’ half, I pumped my fist in the air. “Bitchin’!” I cheered at the prospect of Tite Kubo finally, FINALLY having the cajones to kill one of the good guy characters. But then a few pages later, my joyous anticipation for what was to come turned into one of anxiety, as Shinji, that beret-wearing, Vizard with the Mello haircut mentioned that Orihime had to get on the battlefield pronto.

Then I think “shit!”. But then I remember that the ginger with the Barbie boobs is in Hueco Mundo and there’s no way in hell she’s getting back ‘coz of the Kidou barrier and stuff. But then that clown dude Kurotsuchi removes it…conveniently. And if that

She needs to kick the bucket

weren’t enough to send my pissed-off levels over 9000, the friggin’ Strawberry is relieved from having to fight that oversized dumbass Yammy by Byakuya and Kenpachi. They show up all of a sudden!

Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT!


So Ichigo leaves Hueco Mundo with Unohana and they have a pep talk about some crap about Ichigo being the only one that can bring down Aizen.

And another thing. I can think up of a reason why Hiyori will not end up dying, despite missing the lower half of her body and obviously bleeding to death. Wait for it. Waiiiiit… she’s Hitsugaya’s love interest. Yep. I say this even though she’s a hundred years older than him, but this being anime, it simply doesn’t matter. But I’m sidetracking here…

Friggin’ Robocop went through worse shit and even though Murphy came back to life, HE didn’t emerge unscathed! But this will be made right by Orihime who has God powers.


The only comfort I have is that Unohana may finally reveal her Bankai in the near future. I just hope it isn’t a giant killer whale.