April Fool’s Day 2016:

I hope that everyone enjoyed the April Fools lineup from last night.  I’m not even going to bother trying to embed them on the website this year.  Instead, they should now be available on a certain Google Drive to view.  Unfortunately, there probably won’t be any bonus videos this year, but you never know!

April Fool’s Day 2015:

I’m having a bit of difficulty embedding the videos from this last spring’s April Fool’s, but they should be available on the Google Drive to view.  There’s also a bonus OP and ED from Spring 2014 included in there.

April Fool’s Day 2012:

I feel like they’ll get deleted if I post them to Youtube, but here are the links to google docs and a mediafire folder for all the switched-up OPs and EDs for this year’s April Fool’s!


April Fool’s Day 2011:

Eden of the East + Spice&Wolf’s Ringo Biyori:

Samurai Champloo + Hetalia’s Maru Kaite Chikyuu Japan Ver:

If you’re interested in downloading any of the videos, the links are here:
**have also been uploaded to gwanime’s googledocs: click here to download** 

Also, if anyone has any high-quality raws of the videos, I wouldn’t mind re-doing them in better quality

Videos for Katsucon 17:




Time for another random Hetalia-video spree~

Hetalia ~Durarara Ending

Hetalia ~Durarara Ending~ World Cup Style

Hetalia ~”Hetaquest” ~if Hetalia were an RPG…


Since there have been no videos uploaded since that Katsucon one………

After going on a random Hetalia-video spree on YouTube (which stemmed from Hetalia charas doing Caramelldansen to opening sequences of other anime with Hetalia charas to lots of other random animation and originally with no intention to post here)…erm yeah.

Hetalia ~Baccano OP Style~

Hetalia ~Lucky Star OP~

Hetalia ~Prussia doing the Lucky Star OP by himself~

Hetalia ~Hare Hare Yukai Dance~

Hetalia ~ummm game-like?~

Hetalia ~ =D ~

Hetalia ~Umineko OP Style~

Hetalia ~Wish I knew what it was based off~

Hetalia ~Azumanga Daioh OP Style + Caramelldansen~

Hetalia ~Persona 4 OP~

Hetalia ~Shugo Chara OP~

What? I was bored!!


Cosplay Chess at Katsucon 16.

Things to look for: Failsuke. =D

see more at:


2 responses

16 08 2010

Okay so I’ve been meaning to ask but what is a failsuke?

16 08 2010

ummmm…you know sasuke from naruto? sa-suke –> fail-suke… i forget when/where it came about O_o

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