Why I want Hiyori Sarugaki from Bleach to Die Version 2.0

7 12 2009

Like I’ve said before, I have absolutely nothing against Hiyori. The only reason I want her to die is because for the first time in this damn manga, THERE’S A SURE CHANCE SOME ONE WILL REALLY DIE! LIKE, FER REALZ! Some of you may point out that Hisana, Kaien and Ichigo’s mom are dead, but I’m gonna get on my high pedestal and say that because those three were dead before Bleach even started, they don’t count.

When I came upon the chapter when Hiyori was cut by Aizen in friggin’ half, I pumped my fist in the air. “Bitchin’!” I cheered at the prospect of Tite Kubo finally, FINALLY having the cajones to kill one of the good guy characters. But then a few pages later, my joyous anticipation for what was to come turned into one of anxiety, as Shinji, that beret-wearing, Vizard with the Mello haircut mentioned that Orihime had to get on the battlefield pronto.

Then I think “shit!”. But then I remember that the ginger with the Barbie boobs is in Hueco Mundo and there’s no way in hell she’s getting back ‘coz of the Kidou barrier and stuff. But then that clown dude Kurotsuchi removes it…conveniently. And if that

She needs to kick the bucket

weren’t enough to send my pissed-off levels over 9000, the friggin’ Strawberry is relieved from having to fight that oversized dumbass Yammy by Byakuya and Kenpachi. They show up all of a sudden!

Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT!


So Ichigo leaves Hueco Mundo with Unohana and they have a pep talk about some crap about Ichigo being the only one that can bring down Aizen.

And another thing. I can think up of a reason why Hiyori will not end up dying, despite missing the lower half of her body and obviously bleeding to death. Wait for it. Waiiiiit… she’s Hitsugaya’s love interest. Yep. I say this even though she’s a hundred years older than him, but this being anime, it simply doesn’t matter. But I’m sidetracking here…

Friggin’ Robocop went through worse shit and even though Murphy came back to life, HE didn’t emerge unscathed! But this will be made right by Orihime who has God powers.


The only comfort I have is that Unohana may finally reveal her Bankai in the near future. I just hope it isn’t a giant killer whale.




11 responses

7 12 2009

lol XD

7 12 2009
Son of Heaven

Yeah, that beeyotch totally needs to die, right?

7 12 2009

Hey guys, its me, Akhi.

7 12 2009

why do you have so many user names?

7 12 2009

aryeztur is my actual account on wordpress
but you dont have to be signed in to comment so you can comment using any name.

8 12 2009
Kawai Neko

haha, this was funny

27 05 2011

She don’t need to get cut down. All vizards except Hiyori and Kensai can

14 07 2011

I have not seen the episodes past the one where Hiyori gets stabbed by Azien but I hope she does not die she is so awsome. And who cares if none of the good guys die. If you want to watch some good guys die watch Naruto shippuden or DBZ.

14 07 2011

Why should the only vizards to be alive kensei and hiyori? shinjis cool to

15 07 2013

Well. You’ve gotten what you asked for as Yama, Sasakibe, and Unohana died. Happy now? Honestly I like Hiyori. She’s a change as opposed to half of the boring-ass characters bleach has.

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